Ready-made solutions for business based on the Evolution+ platform

Loyalty bonus program

A system for engaging, motivating and returning customers. It includes a set of game mechanics
and integrations for emotional online interaction with users.

- Scores and levels
- Virtual currency
- Tasks for a reward
- Bonuses for virtual currency
- Achievements
- Ratings
- Virtual property
- Referral program
- Website builder
- Personal account
- Widgets for the site

Rent and property management

A solution for landlords, business centers and coworking. Manage your rent, keep records of the movement of property, create a website and a personal account, accept payments online.

- Website builder
- Tenant's personal account
- CRM for rent management
- CRM for property management
- Sales funnel
- Booking calendar (chess)
- Visual layout of the premises
- Documents
- Loyalty program and gamification
- Referral program
- Chatbot
- Mobile version

Marketplace (booking)

A ready-made module for launching the marketplace. Create your own online platform where your
partners post their offers. Users can book services, pay for them on the website, leave ratings and comments and receive various bonuses.

- Website builder
- Partner's personal account
- Customizable filters
- Booking of rooms, rental offers and services
- Ratings and reviews
- Referral program
- Loyalty program and gamification
- Online payment, customizable prepayment.
- Internal user account
- CRM system
- Chatbot
- Mobile version

Your solution

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