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Game widgets

Use game widgets to gamify your website or web service.

Game interfaces

Connect the game mechanics of the Evolution+ platform to your project. Widgets are adjusted to the tasks of your business process, customized for your corporate identity and are harmoniously integrated into the web-site interface.

Instant notifications

Launch autonomous user interaction. Showing notifications of rewards for the right actions, the platform enhances user engagement, draws them into the gameplay, and leads to your business goals.

Fast connection

Widgets are connected by placing a small Javascript code, and do not require significant re-processing of the web-site code. Information about user activity within the project is uploaded to the platform via simple API requests.


Widgets include a set of implemented integrations that allow including popular services into game mechanics. Connect a motivating Telegram-bot, subscribe users to your pages on social networks and email newsletters, reward them with crypto-tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and use many other features.