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Game mechanics

The mechanics of computer games are already familiar to more than 2.5 billion gamers.
Use this trend to gain a competitive advantage.

Symbolic rewards


Levels show the status of the user in the system and his privileges. Evolution+ awards users with experience points (XP) for performing useful activity. When the user gains the required number of points, he goes to the next level and discovers new opportunities.


Create a system of indicators that users will develop in the process of their activity. They will help focus on the right goals and show the degree of progress in different directions.


Many people love to gather collections. Give them that opportunity with the mechanics of achievement. The collection of blocked icons gradually opens as the users achieve the desired results.


Mark outstanding results or failures using virtual icons - Badges. Badges become part of personal history and remind of the events that are associated with them.

Social interaction


Ratings allow to compare results, determine leaders and use the mechanism of competitive motivation. In Evolution+, flexible functionality has been implemented, with which you can create ratings for a variety of indicators for different periods and automatically award winners, both among individual participants and among teams.


Identify popular sympathies and stimulate activity through on-line voting. Users can give their votes, raise the rating of contestants with game currency, invite friends from social networks to vote, and receive awards for all of this. The most devoted fans occupy the first places in the rating of fan clubs.


Launch the fight for leadership and use the competitive motivation mechanism. Participants receive a task and compete in achieving it. The winner takes the best prize. The loser may not get anything, or get a consolation bonus. The rules are set by you.


Strengthen teamwork and team spirit through team games. Reaching the set goal, competing groups fight for first place in the team ratings. The victory of the team depends on the personal efforts of each of its participants.

Virtual economy

Game currency

Create your payment system and encourage with virtual money the useful activity of the participants. The platform includes all the tools to manage game currency: rules for automatic payments, creating transactions, viewing payment history, analytics of the virtual economy.

Virtual property

Create game items that you can win, use in game scenarios and quests, buy and sell for game currency. You can manage virtual property and track its movement through the control panel and API platforms.


Open a game store with gifts for game currency. In the marketplace you can place both virtual property and real goods. Set purchase restrictions to stimulate user activity:
- Level limit. The higher the level of the player, the cooler gifts are available to him.
- Quantity and/or time limit. You can buy a limited number of items for a certain period of time.


Add a feeling of excitement and unpredictability with the help of lootboxes. Lootboxes are virtual boxes, using which users randomly receive virtual items and real gifts. Lootboxes give a chance to win cool prizes, which stimulates to open them again and again.

Game scenario


Use reward tasks for motivation and micro-learning. Create engaging gaming scenarios with chains of consecutive missions that open as the player’s level increases. Create periodic missions, time missions, missions with competitions, individual tasks. Include in the mission elements of integration with external services.


Set rules and automatically distribute rewards to participants for their actions. Experience points, characteristics, game currency and other rewards will be issued automatically when the specified result is achieved.

Mini games

Launch exciting on-line gaming scenes through business game modules using Evolution+ game mechanics and flexible integration tools.